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England Tours, Travel and ActivitiesENGLAND Tours, Travel and Activities

Until recently England was generally thought of as a gentle, fabled land freeze-framed sometime in the 1930s, home of the post office, country pub and vicarage. It's now better known for vibrant cities with great nightlife and attractions, contrasted with green and pleasant countryside.

From Stonehenge and Tower Bridge to Eton and Oxford, England is loaded with cherished icons of a past era. But it also does modernity with a confidence and panache left over from its days in the never-setting sun. Fashion, fine dining, clubbing, shopping - England's rates with the world's best.

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London Tours, Travel and Activities London Tours, Travel and Activities LONDON Tours, Travel and Activities

London - the grand resonance of its very name suggests history and might. Its opportunities for entertainment by day and night go on and on and on. It's a city that exhilarates and intimidates, a Monopoly board studded with stellar sights.

It's a cosmopolitan mix of Third and First Worlds, the stubbornly traditional and the proudly avant-garde. But somehow - between 'er Majesty and Boy George, Bow Bells and Big Ben, the Millennium Dome and the 2012 Olympics - it all hangs together.

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Manchester Tours, Travel and Activities Manchester Tours, Travel and Activities MANCHESTER Tours, Travel and Activities

The home of great football, bold new architectural projects and the pivotal City of Britain's Industrial Revolution, Manchester still retains a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Travel to the Trafford Centre, paradise for shop-o-holics! See the world's first railway terminus, find out the connection between the railways and the football teams, and visit the world's first Urban Heritage Park!

Or, travel from Manchester to Wales and see the fantastic scenery of the Snowdonia National Park and the most impressive range of 12th Century castles of anywhere in the British Isles. Enjoy the wonderful tranquility of a Victorian coastal resort and a steam train ride into the mountains. Its a tour simply so nice you'll want to do it again the very next week!

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Windermere Tours, Travel and Activities Windermere Tours, Travel and Activities WINDERMERE Tours, Travel and Activities

The Lake District's Windermere, home to the largest lake in England, is the busiest and most commercial of the lakes. The streets are thronged with ice-cream sellers, souvenir stalls, chintzy tearooms and fish-and-chips shops, but the lake itself remains undeniably beautiful.

With two nights staying in a centrally located guest house in Windermere Village, you can discover Beatrix Potter's Lake District while on a budget. From Sawrey to Troutbeck Valley, with Hilltop farm in between, all the major locations can be explored.

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York Tours, Travel and Activities York Tours, Travel and Activities YORK Tours, Travel and Activities

Once the Roman capital of Northern England, York has witnessed wars, peace agreements and prosperity throughout its turbulent history. Marvel at the colossal 13th Century York Minster, home to half of all the medieval stained glass window in Europe and hear all about the City described by King George VI as being 'the history of England'.

You can hop on and off as many times as you like aboard this open-top double-decker bus.

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Anyone who spends any extended period of time in England will sympathise with the locals' obsession with the weather, although in relative terms the climate is mild and the rainfall is not spectacular.

April to September are undoubtedly the best months, and this is, unsurprisingly, when most sights are open, and when most people visit. However, July and August are the busiest months. Sometimes the crowds on the coast, at the national parks, in London and popular towns like Oxford, Bath and York have to be seen to be believed.

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